A Test Bed for your Automation and Robotics Startup

Are you an entrepreneur, game-changer or challenger in the automation and robotics space, looking for a boost to accelerate your growth?

The 12-week AARP Start program is designed to help unlock your potential and gain entry to the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP) for developing, testing and demonstrating your robotics and automation technology in an industrial setting, across mining, resources, energy, renewables, remote operations, agriculture, construction and more.


  • Test Bed Access: 25 min from the Perth CBD, the AARP provides an enabling and accessible test environment.
  • Demonstrate and Showcase: Leverage visibility, video content and media opportunities to showcase your technology with customers, including at AARP Dirt Lab Demo Days.
  • Connection and Colocation: Be connected in the automation and robotics ecosystem of entrepreneurs, industry, investors, researchers, students and government; and make use of a full-time desk at CORE Innovation Hub Perth, with access to CORE’s Adelaide and Pilbara Hubs.
  • CORE Start Program: Join a peer-group of innovators across the mining, resources and energy sectors and gain insights and knowledge, with access to mentoring, business workshops, industry case study sessions, and networking events and opportunities.
  • AARP Start Directory: Be included in an AARP technology directory to connect and collaborate and with visibility to industry customers.


Who Can Apply?

We welcome startups with a focus on industrial automation and robotics, including field robotics, autonomous vehicles, autonomous systems, AI, computer and machine vision and IoT. Across various stages from concept and design, prototyping and testing, to scaling and manufacturing.


About the AARP

The AARP is Australia’s largest research, development, testing, training and demonstration ground for automation, robotics, remote operations and zero emissions technology. The Precinct has been purpose-built to accelerate innovation for local, national and global organisations across a range of sectors. With its unique range of test beds across 51 hectares, the site provides small to large enterprises with an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate industrial technology development and test and scale without interrupting normal production activities.


Register your interest in AARP Start here or contact aarp@corehub.com.au for more information.