Coining a new path to success

It was a whole-of-life evaluation which led Director and Co-Founder of Direct Coins, Lena Barnes, to move her family across Australia to expand their business in the City of Wanneroo.

Establishing Direct Coins as a ‘side hustle’ to their executive careers in Sydney in 2012, Lena and husband Michael saw potential to scale their business to meet the burgeoning market for gold and silver collectable coins and bullion. With their family expanding at the same time as the business, Lena and Michael found themselves making some major life decisions.

“We believe we could not have done this anywhere else, but where we are in Wangara. Our mortgage is completely doable, public schools are excellent, facilities and access to after school activities are brilliant – for us, this was a holistic decision,” said Lena.

As an authorised distributor for The Perth Mint, Royal Australian Mint, New Zealand Mint and select premium global partners, Lena also cites the location choice as a significant advantage to building relationships with suppliers and customers.

“Being located in Perth meant we could build a significant relationship with our main supplier – The Perth Mint – and leverage being in the same city as them for global credibility.”

“We have customers who, even though they could order from someone in their city or state, order from us and report their products arrive quicker and with more care coming from Perth,” she said. As well as finding business advantages with the ability to scale their business, Lena and family have also found space for their family to grow, enjoying living close to the ocean and national parks, the perks of City amenities with a relaxed lifestyle, plus the accessibility of flights home to the UK.

Legacy and sustainability are values solidly minted in Lena’s life; Direct Coins operates with sustainability at its core, with packaging and paper reused, recycled and recyclable, and the office powered by solar panels. The company works with suppliers to help improve and lift the ethical supply of products.

Members of the Wanneroo Business Association, Direct Coins have also found value in connecting with the City of Wanneroo and the local business community and seizing the many opportunities available.

“I was thrilled to be awarded a scholarship from the City of Wanneroo to join Western Australian Leaders. Western Australian Leaders assists companies to become national and international market leaders, and develop greater links with local, national, and international opportunities and capital markets, which is exactly what Direct Coins aspires to.”

“We’ve been so impressed with the City of Wanneroo’s leadership and innovative thinking. They are open to looking beyond traditional businesses and are really harnessing our unique location and being receptive to ideas,” said Lena.

“If you want to help shape a growing community and have your say in what happens and be part of the growth of an incredible City – this is the place.”

For more information, visit Direct Coins.

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