Email marketing for beginners: Expert tips

With so many social media marketing options to choose from, you might not have given much thought to email marketing for your business. If you’re new to the idea of email marketing, here’s why it’s worth considering – and how to make an impact in today’s digital landscape.

Email marketing is a simple and cost-effective way to deliver content, promotions and offers directly to your customers and potential customers. If you’re not sure where to get started with email marketing for your business, try these tips from digital marketing expert Kasia McNaught of McNaught Media.

Understand the power of email marketing

According to Kasia, many business owners underestimate the power of a qualified email marketing list. “There seems to be an assumption that having a large social media following is more valuable than having a large email list,” she says.

“We don’t own our space on social media and should never rely on any one platform. Depending solely on social media leaves us vulnerable to platform changes or shutdowns, emphasising the significance of nurturing our own email list.”

Start with an email marketing platform

Email marketing software might sound complicated but it’s actually a simple and affordable way to keep track of your clients, campaigns and important email marketing metrics.

“Start by selecting a reliable email marketing platform that suits your needs and budget, such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Klaviyo or Marsello,” says Kasia. “The cost will vary depending on the features required, the size of your email list and the pricing structure of the platform you choose.”

“Once you have the software set up, begin by creating a simple email sign-up form and placing it prominently on your website or social media channels.”

Build your list

Once your email marketing system is in place, Kasia recommends building a list through a series of good quality emails.

“Building your own email list means you’re creating an invaluable asset that you own outright. It’s not just a contact list; it’s a direct line to engaged customers primed for business opportunities,” emphasises Kasia.

“You can focus on building a quality email list by offering valuable incentives for subscribers to join, such as discounts, exclusive content or free resources. Develop an email content strategy with a mix of promotional messages, educational content, and newsletters to keep your subscribers engaged.”

“Continuously grow your email list through various channels, including website opt-ins, social media campaigns, events and competitions.”

Embrace automation

Email marketing doesn’t need to be time-consuming, especially if you use the automation features available in your system.

“In order to reduce the workload when it comes to manually sending out email newsletters, maximise the use of automation features. You can use your software to streamline processes like welcome emails, scheduling, follow-ups and abandoned cart reminders.”

Take your role in data collection seriously

Kasia says it’s important to be clear about how you collect data and share your privacy policy to build trust.

“Get clear permission before adding anyone to your list, preferably with a double opt-in, to avoid your emails being marked as spam.”

“Make sure your email campaigns include a way for your customers to unsubscribe or opt-out. Keep your list updated by removing inactive or unsubscribed contacts, which also improves deliverability.”


With any aspect of collecting, storing and using customer data, you need to follow Australian data protection laws to avoid legal problems. Get familiar with the Spam Act 2003 and the Spam Regulations – and read the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) tips on how to avoid sending spam.

Analyse your metrics to experiment with different approaches

Kasia notes that if you regularly analyse your email marketing metrics, you being to understand what content resonates with your audience and can adjust your strategy accordingly.

“Experiment with different types of emails, subject lines and send times to keep engagement high and find out what works best for your audience. Personalise your emails whenever possible to make your subscribers feel valued and increase engagement.”

Learn more about email marketing for your business

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Kasia is presenting the SBDC’s upcoming Creating Email Marketing Campaigns workshop – so book your place to learn more. “This workshop is ideal for all business owners looking to use email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, whether they are product or service-based.”

“We’ll be looking at a range of topics including how to identify the best email marketing platform for your business, the benefits of email automation and how to create targeted and engaging email campaigns that resonate with your audience, leading to higher open and click-through rates.”