Health Approvals

This page outlines the steps involved in obtaining a Health License for your business. Access to the relevant forms, checklist and fees are also provided.

Before you begin:

  • Have you determined if you need a Health Approval? If not, refer to ‘Do I need approval’ page to access the Business Self-Assessment Tool
  • Would you like to schedule a pre application lodgement meeting (optional)?

Application process

You can lodge your application online or download the relevant form to complete by mail or in person at the City of Wanneroo.

Fees are applicable for most applications and will vary depending on your business type and proposal.

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Your application will be assigned to a Health Officer for assessment. If further information is required to complete the assessment, the Health Officer will contact you.

Applications tend to take approximately 2 weeks to be assessed. However, this depends on the complexity and level of information provided on lodgement and also whether comments are required from other government agencies.

If required, the Health Officer will carry out an inspection of the premises to ensure it complies with legislation.

The Health Officer will seek your advice on your preferred opening time and will endeavour to carry out the inspection prior to this.

Once the application is finalised, the approval will be emailed to the you, along with any relevant information.

Access lodgement forms and fees

To access the online lodgement form, hard copy forms, and the  fees schedule, visit the City of Wanneroo’s website: Health Applications.

More information and contact

For more information on selecting a suitable location for your business, please contact us via email or phone.

Next step: Arrange final health inspection (if required)

A site inspection of your premises will need to be conducted by a City Health Officer.

An inspection by a City Health Officer usually occurs when the premises fit-out has occurred and before the final approval to operate is issued. A Health Officer can visit earlier if you need assistance ie. before the fit-out approval is issued. Contact us to arrange your inspection.