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The City of Wanneroo is committed to creating a favourable business environment that attracts investment and supports local businesses, leading to economic growth and prosperity in the region. If you’re looking to invest in a region that is business-friendly, has a supportive local government, and is committed to economic sustainability, then Wanneroo is the place for you.
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Discover Wanneroo’s investment appeal: strategic location, thriving population, connectivity, and opportunities.

Delve into Wanneroo’s key data: economic growth, population, employment, business count, tourism, and housing trends.

Location and virtual tour

Experience Wanneroo’s strategic location and key industrial areas through our virtual tour.

Activity centres and industrial areas

Uncover Wanneroo’s activity centres, industrial areas, and future development opportunities for business growth.

Industries and opportunities

Explore diverse industries and opportunities in Wanneroo, including automation, agriculture, healthcare, retail, and more.

Business investor meeting

Investment support

Access expert guidance and assistance with the City of Wanneroo’s investment support services.