Showcase your latest automation and robotics technology

AARP Activate is a dynamic industry program that provides a platform for showcasing and promoting the leading and latest capabilities in automation and robotics at the Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP).

The program provides an opportunity for industry and technology companies to connect as early activators in this exciting and evolving space.

The program will provide an opportunity to bring together industry and technology companies who have developed and implemented automation and robotics solutions. You will engage and learn from a different company each month, build new connections and keep abreast of the exciting developments in this space.

The program will see a combination of on-site demos, guest speakers and panel-style discussions plus networking opportunities monthly. It will give your company an opportunity to demonstrate and engage around your latest technology, and connect with industry peers to deep dive into some of the broader challenges facing your business.

The AARP is being developed as a world-class facility that is dedicated to testing, developing and adopting automation and robotics solutions and capability in mining, resources and energy, renewables, remote operations and more.


  • Ready and low cost access to a demonstration test bed and organised demo days.
  • Case study knowledge sharing sessions with a targeted audience.
  • Opportunity to host a business focused event.
  • Visibility and co-branding as an early activator (e.g. interview with senior leader of the business, Ministerial opportunity, article or blog with industry media).
  • A hot desk at CORE Innovation Hub Perth to connect with a community of innovators across the mining, resources and energy sectors.


Who can apply?

We welcome industry and established technology companies, including METS, and suppliers with innovation and applications in industrial automation and robotics, including field robotics, autonomous vehicles, autonomous systems, AI, computer and machine vision, IoT and interoperability.


Apply Now

Register your interest in AARP Activate here or contact for more information.