Strengths & Opportunities

Wanneroo provides you the opportunity to start, grow and connect your business in Perth’s booming northern corridor.

The City of Wanneroo is one of the fastest growing regions in Western Australia, offering new and expanding business hubs, local supply chains and a business-friendly local government.

From a diverse and connected local community to strong advocacy and support networks for businesses in place, there are many strengths and opportunities to operating in Wanneroo.

Local Strengths & Opportunities

Boasting greenfield land to meet Perth’s residential demand for the next 50 year, over 32 km of coastline and some of the most popular tourist destination and countless facilities, there is no shortage of customers in Wanneroo.

The City’s rapidly growing customer and skills base will soon make it the largest Local Government Area in Western Australia, which represents a huge opportunity for new and expanding businesses.

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Wanneroo offers strong regional connections to the centrally located Wangara and Neerabup Industrial Areas provide prime positioning to the Joondalup Strategic Centre, easy access to the Perth CBD by freeway or rail and Perth Airport.

The current Mitchell Freeway and Yanchep Rail Extension projects along with planned future road projects will further enhance accessibility and connections for the rapidly growing coastal corridor.

New and expanding industry parks present unrivalled cluster opportunities for businesses to connect and grow. Existing clusters include manufacturing and automotive industries in Wangara and emerging clusters include automation, robotics and waste innovation in Neerabup.

You will benefit from local supply chains, a business friendly local government, an active local business association with potential for joint ventures and partnership opportunities to start, expand or grow your business.

The bustling northern corridor presents an excellent opportunity to balance your lifestyle and business needs. With a range of housing options from established suburbs through to beachside luxury or building your dream home, there is open land to meet Perth’s residential demand for the next 50 years. Not to mention, an array of beautiful marinas, national parks, a Lagoon and an agri-tourism hinterland – why not Discover Wanneroo!

The City of Wanneroo has a strong advocacy program to identify key transformational economic infrastructure projects that have the potential for the largest impact on residents, businesses and the wider community.

This program has resulted in attracting over $1 Billion in government investment in the last 5 years including fast tracking the extension of both the Mitchell Freeway and Yanchep Railway.

Strong corporate partnerships play an important role in advancing the range and quality of services for both residents and businesses, as well as ensuring policies are current and well informed.

As an active member of the Committee for Economic Development Australia (CEDA), Economic Development Australia (EDA), and the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA), the City of Wanneroo collaborates on key issues such as job creation and infrastructure delivery as well as keeping up to date with the latest research and policies.

Want to know more about local advocacy? Read the Connect Wanneroo Advocacy Plan 2021 – 2025.

Operating in Wanneroo means you’ll have access to strong networks with local groups such as the Wanneroo Business Association. This give you a chance to communicate directly with local businesses and ensures demand and needs match the delivery of services, infrastructure and support.

Looking for resources, support, training and events for your business? Learn more on the local support available in Wanneroo.

You can also hear from local businesses firsthand on why they chose the City of Wanneroo.

The use of strategic economic advocacy is essential to ensure the timely delivery of major infrastructure projects for the region.

This is achieved through the identification of transformational economic infrastructure projects with the potential to have the greatest impact on residents, businesses and the wider community.

Key components include:

• Understanding our stakeholders and their needs
• Actively seeking to engage
• Advocating in line with community priorities
• Build local partnerships and work together with others

Find out more about major projects being delivered in the City of Wanneroo.

From manufacturing and construction to retail, finance or insurance businesses, the City of Wanneroo welcomes businesses from a variety of industries.

The City’s location, connected community and facilities has been a key element in its industrial growth.

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Looking for the right place to set up your business? Learn more about our key industrial areas, retail and activity centres.

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